19 Jun 18 Communities Chile

Mainstream launches educational school program in Northern Chile

Following the success of the “Ventolera and Ventarrón” program in schools in southern Chile, the company is pleased to announce that this initiative has now been launched in the Antofagasta region in the north of Chile. Last week, as the company was celebrating Global Wind Day in the south of the country, students from Escuela Pukará in Lasana and Escuela San Francisco in Chiu Chiu, both located in the commune of Calama, participated in the first of eight sessions that will be rolled out in their schools as part of this environmental education program. These sessions have been designed to educate and raise awareness on renewable energy, with a particular emphasis on wind energy. Ximena Martel, Mainstream Renewable Power’s Community Relations Executive for the Northern regions says, “It is very important for us, as a company, to be able to develop and implement these kinds of educational initiatives as they help us to create a link between renewable energy, wind energy in particular, and the daily experiences of these students. This, in turn, allows us to raise awareness and educate new generations on the benefits of clean energy sources and the importance of taking care of the environment in which we live.” Each program has a different focus, which is unique to every community and is developed with their specific needs in mind. The playful material is used to capture the children’s imagination and stimulate creativity and self-expression. The program, which will be rolled out over the remainder of the school year, will culminate in a ceremony, in which each student will receive a special book that shows the work that they have done during these sessions. Mainstream Renewable Power is currently developing the Ckani wind farm project in this region. The 108 MW wind farm will be located in the commune of Calama in the Loa province of northern Chile.