Solar PV

Powering the global transition

Low cost and quick to deploy, utility scale solar PV is leading the race to emissions-free energy, and is a vital component in our own mission’s success.

The first two solar PV farms developed and constructed by Mainstream began feeding the South African grid in 2014. Now our rapidly expanding portfolio stretches around the globe, with projects for public and private off-take, which we will be operating either as standalone assets or as part of our hybrid solution to deliver firm power.

Our Global Development Standard

Standards you can bank on

Here’s an illustration of why Mainstream projects are considered best-in-class, to the tune of more than €3 billion in project financing to date. At every stage of their lifecycle, progression depends on key deliverables, or “gates” – a process of de-risking that makes them inherently bankable.

It’s a process we refer to as our Global Development Standard, a unique repository of in-house experience and continuous learning that enables us to deliver, operate and eventually decommission projects to the same optimal level of quality across all our markets.

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Low down shot beneath a row of solar pv panels in a solar farm with mountains in the distance

Delivering the best solar PV farms under the sun

We are actively developing solar PV projects across Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Proven track record  

Our solar PV experience stretches back to South Africa’s first REIPPPP tender in 2011.

In-house standards

Our Global Development Standard means our projects are being developed to the highest international standards.

Hybrid power solutions 

We provide reliable energy supply from mixed platforms of solar, wind and soon batteries.

Corporate power solutions

Solar PV projects will be delivering affordable, ESG-compliant energy under our Private PPAs.

Sustainable development

Supporting local jobs, communities and the environment is our focus on a just energy transition.

Supply chain values

We engage with our supply chain to reduce emissions and ensure protection of human rights.

Our in-house expertise across the entire asset lifecycle 

Mainstream has best in class, in-house expertise across the entire asset lifecycle.

chart showing the four pipeline stages for solar pv projects from pre-development, to development, to construction, to operation

Mainstream is powering South Africa on her just energy transition

Andes Renovables shows why world can ‘rebuild better’

Mainstream Signs Private PPA For 100 MW Solar Project In Colombia

Transmission network for Río Escondido Solar Farm powers up

It’s time for Solar PV to shine

This map demonstrates the sun’s potential to drive the energy transition. After a decade in which the cost of solar technology fell by 85%. 

It’s why utility scale solar PV is the renewable technology of choice for so many countries and, increasingly, corporations. Under every BloombergNEF pathway to Net Zero, it will be the most deployed source of clean electricity, with global installed capacity surging from 500 GW in 2021 to as much as 16,500 GW by 2050. 

A map showing the locations with highest solar PV potential globally

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CGI depicting hybridisation and storage of wind and solar energy into green hydrogen and batteries

Hybridisation & Storage

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