Sweden has a long coastline and high energy needs from industry, making it an attractive market for offshore wind development. The country has committed to fossil free energy production by 2045.

Mainstream has established a 50-50 joint venture with our partner Hexicon, named Freja Offshore, to explore four sites for floating and fixed bottom offshore wind.

About Freja Offshore

Freja Offshore’s ambition is to facilitate a sustainable energy transition towards a fossil-free and climate-neutral Sweden. Four offshore wind sites in the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone are being evaluated:

  • Mareld
  • Dyning
  • Kultje
  • Cirrus

Learn more about Freja Offshore here

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Offshore wind is still in the start phase in Sweden, but we have moved to position ourselves early in the market to take a lead in the development of the sector.

The locations of the four sites we are looking at are attractive in their proximity to Sweden’s big cities and industry clusters which require a lot of energy.

Sebastian Bringsværd - Head of Norway and Sweden

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