Mainstream Renewable Power JV applies for offshore wind farm permit in the southern Baltic Sea




22 June 2023



Freja offshore

Mainstream Renewable Power and Hexicon’s joint venture in Sweden, Freja Offshore, has today submitted an application under the Swedish Economic Zone Act (SEZ) for the Cirrus offshore wind farm in the southern Baltic Sea, approximately 50 kilometers southeast of Karlskrona, within Sweden’s economic zone. Once fully developed, Cirrus will have a capacity of up to 2 GW and the potential to provide electricity to half a million homes in southern Sweden.

Southern Sweden is in urgent need of increased electricity production to meet the region’s growing demand, to ensure affordable electricity, and to create jobs and other economic benefits. The Cirrus wind farm is estimated to be able to produce up to 10TWh annually in electricity, enough to power all the homes in Blekinge, Skåne, Kalmar, Kronoberg, and Halland counties. The connection to the power grid is planned to take place in price zone 4.

Freja Offshore estimates that Cirrus can also benefit the local economy and create many new jobs in Blekinge both during the construction and operational phases.

The intention is for Cirrus to be a bottom-fixed offshore windfarm, while Freja Offshore will explore the possibility of using floating wind turbines for the deepest area. The windfarm is designed to maximise coexistence with other users of the ocean and to meet important societal interests, with special consideration given to the Swedish Armed Forces and their needs.

“Increasing electricity production is imperative, but there are other important factors as well: defense interests, residential considerations, fishing, and natural values, to name a few. That is why we have chosen to place the wind farm as far out at sea as possible, as well as to capitalize on the extremely favorable wind location. The proximity to Karlskrona is also viewed as positive as it has been a maritime technology hub for over 300 years. We will collaborate with all relevant stakeholders in the region to leverage the expertise available to progress the project and we are also prepared to adapt the design of the park to coexist with other interests, should this be necessary,” said Magnus Hallman, CEO of Freja Offshore.

“Freja Offshore has ambitious plans for developing Sweden’s nascent offshore wind industry and we are confident that the Cirrus application and the Mareld application we submitted back in April this year can play important roles in creating local benefits and help Sweden achieve its renewable energy ambitions,” said Sebastian Bringsværd, Head of Norway and Sweden at Mainstream Renewable Power.

Freja Offshore’s application to build and operate the Cirrus wind farm under the Swedish Economic Zone Act and for the construction of the internal cable network under the Continental Shelf Act was submitted to the Ministry of Climate and Enterprise. The government will process the application and seek input from several authorities in a consultation round, prior to reaching a decision.

Cirrus is Freja Offshore’s second offshore wind application after it submitted an application for the Mareld area in April 2023.

About Freja Offshore

Freja Offshore AB is a joint venture between Norwegian company Mainstream Renewable Power (an Aker Horizons company) and Swedish company Hexicon. Freja Offshore is established to develop, build, and operate offshore wind farms far from the Swedish coast. Through our shareholders, with their 80 years of experience in offshore projects in the North Sea and around the world, the Freja Offshore aims to contribute to a sustainable energy transition with third-generation wind power – electricity production beyond the horizon. The company is technology agnostic.

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