How we do it

A sustainable approach that sets us apart.

We have the energy solutions. What marks us out as a trusted partner is how we deliver them, with sustainability, quality and integrity at their core.

Our Global Development Standard – the in-house standard to which we develop, construct and operate –  is aligned with the highest international standards. Good governance provides the quality mark of sustainability for our markets, investors, colleagues, communities as well as the environment. And our drive for digitalisation is transforming our industry-leading reputation for innovation.

Our Global Development Standard

Projects you can bank on

Here’s an illustration of why Mainstream projects are considered best-in-class, to the tune of more than €3 billion in project financing to date. At every stage of their lifecycle, progression depends on key deliverables, or “gates” – a process of de-risking that makes them inherently bankable.

It’s a process we refer to as our Global Development Standard, a unique repository of in-house experience and continuous learning that enables us to deliver, operate and eventually decommission projects to the same optimal level of quality across all our markets.

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Good Governance - Hein Reyneke General Manager Africa - Mainstream Renewable Power

In our conduct of business, in our stewardship of the environment, the respect we show for human rights, and empowering our colleagues to speak up about behaviour that does not comply with our Code of Conduct; we hold ourselves to the same standards of governance as a listed company.

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Driven by innovation

From identifying optimal wind patterns to tracking bird flights, we are using big data and artificial intelligence to make better decisions quicker. Discover how we are living our core value of innovation by design.

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