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Leading the global energy transition

A world free of fossil fuels. That is our vision. It is what drives us every day on our mission to make renewable energy, well... Mainstream.

This is your opportunity to make a real difference in averting the climate crisis, in an organisation that is at the forefront of the global energy transition.

We are looking for people who can power our progress to a new level. Take a look at what makes our team around the world so extraordinary, and see why you should make that first move to be a part of what we are creating.

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The Global Energy Transition.
Powered By You.

We are delivering a just transition that benefits all,
and it starts with what we offer to our people so they can perform to their best.

Diversity & Inclusion

- Equal opportunity targets. 62% of female promotions in 2021 were to department management

- GWEC Women in Wind and Mainstream Women in Renewables programmes

- You can be you, whatever your gender, colour or sexual orientation


Hybrid Work

- Blended work-from-home and office

- Generous annual leave, plus a community or charity work day

- Paid maternity, paternity, adoptive and bereavement leave



- Excellent training (an average 54 hours a year)

- Secondment and relocation opportunities

- Career progression (16.4% of our team was promoted in 2021)


A Great Place To Work

- Certified by the Great Place to Work Ireland for third successive year

- Annual survey responses acted on for better employee experience

- High levels of engagement in mission and trust in management


Care for Health & Wellbeing

- Income protection insurance

- Life cover


Shared Financial Success

- A competitive, cost-of-living linked salary

- Annual bonus

- Free share options or equivalent

Energise your career

Join us on our world-saving mission. See what opportunities we have to be at the forefront of the global transition to renewable energy.

Progress your career in a workplace that develops leaders

We pride ourselves as being a company where we are developing our next leaders alongside a new, renewable energy powered future.

Our bespoke You First programme allows you to plan your training and career progression.

And our active commitment to breaking bias – creating a truly diverse and inclusive workplace that reflects the world we live in – means there is equal opportunity to seize any of our many new opportunities for promotion and relocation.

See how our culture has been creating very positive first impressions in this short video…

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Working Towards Our Diversity & Inclusion Targets

We aim to bring equality, diversity and inclusivity to the renewable energy industry. That is why we have built policies, procedures and targets to support this vision.
See some of them below...

Committed to having more women in senior management

45% of senior management will be women by 2025.


Committed to achieving 50:50 gender balance

50% of all new recruits will be women by 2025.


Committed to more balanced departments

More women will be working in traditionally male-dominated fields such as engineering, energy analysis, IS, construction and operations.

Who is a Mainstreamer?

Wherever we are in the world, we all share a common set of values that have shaped our success.

A Mainstreamer sees new opportunities through innovation, and adds agility through entrepreneurialism. We work together to improve the sustainability of all that we do. We place respect at the heart of all our relationships, integrity as a principle of our business activities, and safety above everything.


These values are not just logos on a wall. We champion them, we celebrate them, we live them. Hear why they are so important to our colleagues...

Energise your career

Join us on our world-saving mission. See what opportunities we have to be at the forefront of the global transition to renewable energy.

Shahida Misbach
Respect and integrity are more than just values. They are supervalues and underpin all of Mainstream's activities. Shahida Misbach, Office Manager @Mainstream, South Africa
Andrew McGregor
My time as an intern at Mainstream gave me a valuable insight into the renewables industry, contributed to my learning and professional development and led to a full-time job when I completed my studies! Andrew McGregor, Energy Analyst @Mainstream, Europe
Romina Lledo
I really believe in the vision and values of Mainstream to have more clean energy available. I like to be part of that change. Romina Lledo , Project Manager, Development @Mainstream, Chile

Join Our Global Operations

Our people encompass more than 30 nationalities, working in over a dozen countries. And our growing footprint is creating great new opportunities to travel and relocate.

Energise your career

Join us on our world-saving mission. See what opportunities we have to be at the forefront of the global transition to renewable energy.

What Our Team Have To Say...

Feedback from regular surveys consistently show that colleagues are highly engaged in our mission and values, and have confidence in our senior management.

Say "When I look at what we accomplish, I feel a sense of pride."

- 91% also agree "Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work."


Say "My work has special meaning: this is not "just a job"."

- 92% also agree "People here are given a lot of responsibility."


Say "I can be myself around here."

- 88% also agree "I am developing professionally working here."

Internship Programme

Our paid internship programme offers an opportunity to develop your skills with exceptional real-world experience... and to make a lasting impression. It could your first foot on a very promising career ladder. Email our HR team to find out more.