17 Jan 19 Communities Chile

Mainstream names winners of the 'Design your bag' competition, Chile

On Friday the 23rd of November, Mainstream held the prize giving ceremony for the “Design your Bag” competition that was run in five schools in Frutillar in southern Chile.

As part of the community work that the company is carrying out in the region of Los Lagos, the “Puelche Sur” team launched the Mainstream “Design your Bag” competition at the end of August. Students from five rural schools in Frutillar were invited to participate in the competition, for which they had to come up with a design for reusable shopping bags. The competition aims to promote awareness in caring for the environment by reducing the use of plastic bags and replacing them with reusable materials. This initiative coincides with the introduction of a new law in Chile which aims to eliminate the use of plastic bags in all supermarkets and shops across the country.

This event, which was organised by Mainstream Renewable Power together with the Municipality of Frutillar, began with a visit to a natural conservation area in Frutillar where the children had the opportunity to learn about the native flora that grows in the area with the help of Oseas Huenquiao, who works in the park. After the visit, the children participated in a quiz about the visit and the student who answered the most questions correctly was given a prize. Then came the most important part of the activity: the prize-giving ceremony in which the winners of the competition were presented with the reusable bags showcasing their designs. Mainstream distributed a total of 1000 bags to members of the school and wider community.

Andrés Guzmán, principal of Copihue School, spoke to us about the benefits of the event. “The children were delighted to participate, and they really enjoyed this activity. This initiative was very relevant to the school community and I would like to thank the Mainstream team for all the work that they have done with us and for helping us to teach our students about the importance of caring for the environment.”

Mainstream currently has one project in development in the Los Lagos region. This project, “Puelche Sur”, whose name was chosen by the local community, will have a total capacity of 153 MW and will deliver clean and renewable energy to the region and the country, helping to diversify the national energy matrix.