Mainstream gender diversity champion honoured by minister




18 March 2020



three rows of women stand in front of 'Energía mas Mujer' banner

Women from more than 50 organisations gathered for the first Energía + Mujer conference to discuss plans to promote gender equality in the Chilean energy sector

A key member of the Mainstream team in Chile has been recognised for her work in advancing gender equality in the clean energy industry.

Contract Manager Leader Fernanda Hahn was honoured during the first annual meeting of Energía + Mujer, a programme established by the country’s Ministry of Energy to promote greater participation of women in the sector.

Fernanda poses with Minister Jobet

Fernanda with Energy Minister Juan Carlos Jobet, above, and Energía + Mujer programme leader Marcela Zulantay, below

Fernanda holds bouquet and poses with Marcela

More than 50 companies, institutions and unions, including Mainstream, have so far signed up to the initiative, and during the coming year will take part in a series of workshops to tackle the barriers that women face in advancing their careers.

Addressing the gathering on International Women’s Day, Energy Minister Juan Carlos Jobet spoke about the importance of encouraging more women to enter the industry, particularly in roles traditionally considered as being more “masculine”.

He later presented bouquets of flowers to women who had contributed most to promoting gender equality in their organisations.

Fernanda, who leads the Contract Management Team in Santiago and works closely with the construction team, earned Mainstream’s nomination for her efforts last year on the newly established Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

She is also involved, along with recruitment specialist Juan Carlos Calderón, in co-ordinating the company’s engagement in Energía + Mujer activities.

Programme chief Marcela Zulantay presented a plan for the year, which will include the second Women in Energy Jobs Fair and an annual report on gender equality in the industry, which currently employs some 25,000 women.

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