Social economic programmes
early community engagement
Hire local workers
169 ILO convention recognition

Our commitment to communities

We recognise that working closely with our communities is a fundamental part of any project development.  We engage early and often to get local insights and consider all views to help shape our projects and to get acceptance within communities. 

Our community relations teams work closely with local community representatives to better understand their needs and put plans in place to help support initiatives that are important to them.  These types of initiatives include early childhood education, literacy, capacity building and entrepreneurial programs along with cultural heritage. and that way we can also invest in that community. 

It's very important to talk to the communities early because we can work together and co-design the project together.


engage early and often.

ILO Convention 169

We respect our indigenous communities and develop aligned with the C169 - Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention, 1989 (No. 169).

Knowing our communities

When we start developing a project we take time to get to know them.

Our Community Charter

Our Community Charter

We are committed to working with communities throughout the lifetime of our projects.  In line with this commitment, we developed and implemented our Community Charter in 2013. 

The Charter underpins every project we undertake and sets out the manner in which we work in co-operation with communities around our projects.  It focusses on how we interact and liaise with communities, how we will support the needs of the community through specifically tailored community programmes, share revenue and where possible, how we can support local businesses and employ local workers.