Andy Kinsella interview: ‘It’s high reward, not high risk’




31 July 2019



Mainstream Group CEO Andy Kinsella

Andy discussed Mainstream's development strategy and plans for future in wide-ranging radio interview


It takes some out-of-the-box thinking to identify a “sitting duck for renewables”, according to our Global Chief Executive.

Andy Kinsella recently explained how we now have $2.4billion of wind and solar PV projects in development and under construction in Chile because we looked at the country, with its three land borders, and saw an island.

He also shed light, during the interview on Ireland’s Newstalk radio, on Mainstream’s strategy of blazing a clean energy trail in “exotic countries”, saying: “They are not really high risk in my view, they are very much high reward.

“Where you see levered equity returns of 5 or 6% in Europe, we will get into the mid and high teens in countries like Chile, South Africa, Egypt, Vietnam and so on.”

The flight of capital from fossil fuels, the emergence of renewables as a provider of 24/7 “firm power”, and the challenges of funding were all discussed during the wide-ranging chat with Breakfast Business host Gavin McLoughlin.

And Andy was open about why Mainstream will be looking for new partners “who can come with us and go further on the journey as we expand the business globally”. Listen to the full interview in the player above.


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