Kristian Røkke Appointed Chairman of Mainstream Renewable Power




27 May 2021



Dr Eddie O’Connor has resigned as Chairman of the Board of Directors of global renewable energy company Mainstream Renewable Power, with immediate effect.

Dr O’Connor founded the company in 2008 and was Chief Executive Officer until 2017, at which point he was appointed Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.


Dr Eddie O'Connor


Eddie O’Connor has been praised for his ‘pivotal role’ in the renewable energy industry by Kristian Røkke, below



Aker Horizons, the Norwegian company dedicated to investing in renewable energy and green technologies, recently completed its acquisition of 75 percent of the company.

Kristian Røkke has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Mainstream, succeeding Dr O’Connor, who is leaving the Board. Mr. Røkke is CEO of Aker Horizons AS.

“On behalf of the Board, I wish to thank Eddie for his unwavering commitment and dedication to fulfilling his vision of a world electrified by renewable energy,” said Mr Røkke.

“He began his journey to help decarbonise the world by building Ireland’s first wind farm in 1992 and over the intervening 30 years he has been a leading figure in the renewable energy industry globally. Eddie has played a pivotal role in helping to establish thriving renewable energy industries in a number of markets including Ireland, the UK, Chile and South Africa.”

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