Sunny Corner Wind Farm


Mainstream Renewable Power and Someva Renewables


Forestry Corporation of New South Wales


Onshore Wind


500 MW

Mainstream Renewable Power and Someva Renewables have been awarded a permit by the Forestry Corporation of NSW to jointly investigate an onshore wind farm at Sunny Corner.

The proposed Sunny Corner Wind Farm is located in the Sunny Corner State Forest, which is managed by the Forestry Corporation of NSW.

The Sunny Corner State Forest is located north of the Great Western Highway, approximately halfway between Lithgow and Bathhurst in NSW.

Onshore wind

New South Wales

500 MW Gross

In Development

The Opportunity

The opportunity is approximately 500 MW and would generate enough electricity to power up to 300,000 homes with affordable, clean and reliable energy for approximately 30 years.

Forestry Corporation manages more than two million hectares of State forests, including NSW’s largest renewable timber production and plantation estate, a vast conservation network and award-winning tourist destinations.

The development of wind farms within NSW State Forest boundaries became possible in 2021 after the NSW Parliament passed amendments to the Forestry Act 2021, allowing State Forests to host renewable energy projects in softwood timber plantations.

Sunny Corner is located on the lands of the Wiradjuri people, in an area with a rich history of supplying energy to the people of NSW. The proposed wind farm is situated within Lithgow City and Bathhurst Regional Council LGAs.

Mainstream and Someva propose to investigate Sunny Corner Wind Farm to operate in harmony with recreational and traditional forestry activities. The next investigative stages include the installation of a met mast and extensive local consultation with First Nations people, forest users, councils, communities and businesses.

This community feedback will be used to shape the project and the community benefit commitments.

Community Co-design

We are deeply committed to implementing a tailored community co-design process that ensures communities share in and benefit from this renewable energy project.

Community Benefits

We take the time to get to know residents in the communities where we operate. We pride ourselves on developing long-lasting relationships that will last decades.

Community Benefits Funds

We will work closely with local communities, councils and First Nations people to create annual Community Benefit Funds that are tailored to the local region.

Supporting Local Jobs

Sunny Corner Wind Farm will create jobs through development, construction and operations for local businesses which will in turn generate additional economic activity in the region.

Estimated timeline

Community Feedback.

Wind monitoring and preliminary layout design.

Preliminary environmental and social surveys and assessment.

Incorporate community and environmental feedback into design.

Prepare and lodge Environmental Impact Statement.

NSW Government determination of development application.

Estimated construction commences.

Planned operations commence.






By the numbers


homes powered when fully operational


tonnes of carbon to be saved each year


from Sydney's Central Business District

We applaud the vision of the Forestry Corporation in seeking to diversify their land use to support the renewable energy transition, and we recognise the important role that Sunny Corner Wind Farm could play in New South Wales’ energy transition, providing clean, affordable and reliable power.

Mary Quaney, Group CEO, Mainstream

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