An offshore wind farm

Gippsland Skies Offshore Wind

Developed by:

Mainstream Renewable Power and Reventus Power, AGL Energy and DIRECT Infrastructure

Licencing award:

Commonwealth Government of Australia



Total capacity:

2.5 GW

On 01 May 2024, a Mainstream Renewable Power consortium was granted a feasibility licence by the Federal Minister for Climate Change and Energy for a fixed bottom 2.5 GW offshore wind project off the Gippsland region of Victoria.

The feasibility licence was awarded following a highly competitive merit-based selection process, and it is expected to be one of Australia’s first offshore wind projects to reach commercial operation.

The first phase of the project is expected to be operational in 2032, contributing significantly to the Victorian Government’s offshore wind targets of at least 2 GW by 2032 and 4 GW by 2035.

Offshore wind

Bass Strait, Victoria

2.5 GW Gross

In Development

About the consortium

Gippsland Skies is jointly owned by a consortium of Australian and international companies, comprising Mainstream Renewable Power (35%), Reventus Power (35%), AGL Energy (20%) and DIRECT Infrastructure (10%).

Gippsland Skies was formed to develop a proposed 2.5 GW offshore wind project in an offshore wind Declared Area in Bass Strait off the coast of southern Victoria.

The company brings together an exemplary team from Australia and around the world, with a unique combination of renewable energy development experience as well as technical, maritime and financial expertise.

With a feasibility licence secured, a series of detailed studies and multi-year offshore and onshore environmental surveys will commence, subject to approval processes, alongside consultation with First Nations peoples and community stakeholders.

Consortium Partners

By the numbers


Wind farm capacity


Over the estimated 40-year project lifecycle

1.4 million

Homes powered


Expected operation date for phase 1

Mainstream is a pioneer in the global offshore wind industry and our track record includes developing the world’s largest offshore wind project in operation today; Hornsea 2 in the UK. We have been present in Australia since 2019, developing a 1.5 GW portfolio of greenfield projects onshore and we're now excited to add offshore wind to our pipeline in this very promising market for renewable energy development.

Mary Quaney, Group CEO, Mainstream

Enhancing the Australian economy

Gippsland Skies could contribute $A3.7 billion to the economy and could provide 4,700 direct jobs in Australia over the estimated 40-year project life, with approximately 2,000 of those jobs in the Gippsland region.

When fully operational, this project could power up to 1.4 million Victorian homes which is equivalent to supplying approximately 17 percent of the State’s 2023 electricity demand.

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