20 Nov 18 Communities Chile

School children from northern Chile participate in closing ceremony of Renewable Energy Program

  • The educational renewable energy program, which was rolled out this year in two schools in the northern commune of Calama, uses playful material to teach children about the importance of the environment and the conservation of natural resources.
  • Around 50 children participated in the ceremonies, along with their teachers, learning assistants, parents and members of the Mainstream team, as well as special guests and local authorities.

Mainstream Renewable Power Chile participated in the closing ceremonies of the “Ventolera y Ventarrón” renewable energy program which was rolled out in the San Francisco de Chiu Chiu and Pukará de Lasana schools in northern Chile this year.

This program aims to raise awareness among students and teachers on environmental-related topics such as caring for the environment, renewable energy sources and particularly wind energy and looks to link these concepts with the children’s daily experiences. The workshops are based around a series of children’s stories, in which the main characters, Ventolera and Ventarrón, teach the children about wind energy and the environment. One of the highlights of the program is the creation of the testimonial books. During the workshops the students get to design and edit these books, which reflect the work that they have done during the program. They fill them with pictures and drawings and stories about what they have learned. Each child receives a copy of the book during the closing ceremonies.

Margarita Jaque Acevedo, Principal of the Pukará School in Lasana says: “Our school has always welcomed these kinds of initiatives. We believe that if we don’t explore these opportunities, we will never know if we have a scientist or a musician in our midst. These kinds of activities will give the children the opportunity later in life to decide if they would like to work in renewable energy.”

During the ceremonies, which were held in the respective schools, the children were presented with the testimonial books that they designed as part of the program. They also received a special calendar showing important local dates and the birthdays of the girls and boys that participated in the program.

The children also surprised and delighted the audience with a series of shows, including typical regional dances that reflected the local culture of the region.

Mainstream Renewable Power is developing four wind energy projects and one PV solar in the region, which will inject clean and renewable energy into the national energy matrix, helping Chile to become more energy independent.