Developed by:

Mainstream Renewable Power

Power Purchase Agreement:

Illinois Power Agency

Commercial Operation Date:


Mainstream successfully completed development of the 110 MW wind farm following the acquisition of the project at late-stage development.

In 2009, it partnered with Goldwind USA to participate in the Illinois Power Agency’s competitive bidding process.

The project was successful and subsequently entered a 20-year inflation indexed power purchase agreement with the largest electricity utility in the state of Illinois, Commonwealth Edison.


Onshore wind


110 MW Gross


In 2011, Goldwind acquired the wind plant from Mainstream.

Mainstream continued to play a central role in the project through the construction stages and co-constructed by Mainstream and Goldwind to deliver the project through to commercial operation in June 2012.

The Shady Oaks wind power facility is in Northern Illinois, approximately 50 miles west of Chicago, Illinois. Total annual energy production is around to be 364 GW-hrs per year.

The wind plant is comprised of 68 Goldwind GW82 1.5MW and three Goldwind GW100 2.5MW permanent magnet direct-drive (PMDD) wind turbines. Goldwind’s PMDD turbines are well suited for the wind regime, and offer significant technological advantages providing proven reliability, enhanced energy production efficiency and lower long-term maintenance costs.

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