Developed by:

Mainstream Renewable Power

Construction Managed by:

Mainstream Renewable Power

Technology Supplier:

Suntech panels and Siemens inverter

Project Owners:

Globeleq and consortium

Commercial Operation Date:

Q2, 2014

The 50 MW De Aar Solar Park was submitted Bid Window 1 of the South African Government’s Renewable Energy Procurement Programme as part of a consortium.

The project was awarded preferred bidder status by the Department under the programme and reached commercial operation date in early April, 2014.

The facility generates electricity using 167,580 solar (PV) panels and feeds into the  Eskom grid.

Solar PV

Northern Cape

50 MW Gross


Powering 19,000 South African homes each year

During the construction period the project created hundreds of jobs and during the 20-year operation of the solar plant approximately 20 long-term jobs have been created to operate and maintain the facility.

The Solar Park generates 85,458 MWh each year, supplying enough clean, renewable electrical energy to power more than 19,000 South African homes.

The Solar Park is owned by a consortium including Globeleq, Thebe Investment Corp., Enzani Technologies, Usizo Engineering and Droogfontein Communal Property Association.

By the numbers


power generated each year


local homes powered each year


solar (PV) panels

Mainstream is powering South Africa on her just energy transition

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