Our colleagues are the foundation of our business. They enable innovative and entrepreneurial culture to thrive, which is a key source of our competitive advantage, and central to our ongoing success. Mainstream has grown to over 240 talented employees across eleven countries around the world and we recognise that achieving our ambition of sustainable business growth can only be attained through their efforts.

Labour Practices
Highlights 2019
- Great Place to Work certification.
- Employee Engagement Survey completed by 99% with overall satisfaction rating of 84%.
- Seventy-five new employees from all our offices attended week-long induction programmes in Dublin, Ireland.
- Focus Groups held for new Diversity and Inclusion Programme.
- Sponsored GWEC's inaugural Women in Wind Global Leadership Programme.
- Succession Planning - 91% of key roles have an identified successor with a development plan in place.
- Achieved an average of 48 hours (six days) training per person for 2019.
Mainstream's internal conference, 'State of the Art'

As a global company, it is important to create a culture that bridges the geographical divide and creates a sense of belonging that brings us together as one team.

The Mainstream Ireland office last year hosted seventy-five colleagues from its global ofices to attend a week-long induction programme.  It also held a 1.5 day internal 'State of the Art' event aimed to keep colleagues informed of both company-wide and industry-wide developments.

Safety Culture
Highlights 2019
- ISO45001 certifications held in Chile, Ireland and South Africa.
- Doubled Health and Safety Training for employees to 5.35 hours.
- 3.59 Significant Impact Potential (SIP) events per million hours worked by employees and contractors (KPI target <6 per million hours)
- 8 Lost Time Incidents averaging 9.5 lost days per incident - represents a 78% improvement on 2018.

As we grow our business more people will be exposed to the risk of on-site injuries and we are committed to the continual improvement in our health and safety approach. We are especially aware of the need to instil in our contractors the same attitude to safety that we strive to engender in our employees. In 2019, we ran a safety culture survey throughout the company, using the Energy Institute UK Hearts and Minds cultural change programme. As a result, local culture task forces at each business were assembled to put an action plan in place to help consolidate and mature our safety culture.

We aim to embed a safety culture that is characterised by continual learning and critical reflection of our own practices.  We want to encourage an open mindset where contractors feel free to report events and learn from them. During 2019, a wide range of initiatives and campaigns to improve safety culture and reduce incidents was rolled out to employees and contractors.

Perdekraal East Wind Farm, South Africa passed more than 1 million construction hours worked without any lost time incidents.

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