Highlights 2019
- A- Leadership status awarded for climate change and in the supplier engagement report.
- 'Mainstream enjoys a strong and positive reputation' score: 4.13/5 in its third annual reputation audit.
- Five new offices opened; Australia, Colombia, Ghana, Singapore and the UK.
- Leading positions held on Trade Bodies and Associations.

Our solid track record in developing wind and solar projects over the last ten years has made us one of the largest independent players in development globally. We have built this foundation on solid risk management and a focus on sustainability.

Operating mainly in emerging markets involves managing a higher degree of risk. Our ability to manage risk in diverse global markets makes Mainstream unique and gives us a competitive edge. We closely monitor country risk, including political, social and economic risk, and monitor changes in policy, regulation, political stability and ease of doing business. Our presence in several markets allows us to spread these risks; for example, it mitigates the risk of being exposed to an economic downturn in a particular market.
We also review Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer and the Index of Economic Freedom on a quarterly basis. This research feeds into our risk mitigation plans, allowing us to take swift corrective action. 
Stakeholder engagement
Andy Kinsella, Chief Executive meets Vietnam's Deputy Vice President, Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh

We engage regularly with our stakeholders through on-going dialogue, employee opinion surveys, our annual Reputation Audit with business partners, investors and government representatives, and through our community engagement activities.

We have a specific process for stakeholder engagement when developing projects. This is aligned to the performance standards contained in the International Finance Corporation’s Sustainability Framework and the requirements of the Equator Principles. Our Global Development Standard guides our approach to conducting stakeholder research at a local level to ensure that it is aligned to international standards.

Reputation Risk

We are very proud of our reputation and proactively protect it by measuring our third Reputation Audit in 2019, invitingcomment from all our stakeholders,including government, regulation, suppliers, banks and finance institutions, and community representatives across our markets. The results compare favourably to previous years, and this gives us confidence that the actions taken to address perceived ‘weak spots’ have been effective.

Mainstream awarded A- in its 2019 and 2018 disclosure.
CDP Reporting

We have participated in the annual Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for the last four years. In the 2019 reporting year, the CDP evaluation was aligned with the recommendations of the Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosure. We were delighted to maintain our A- Leadership rating under this enhanced scrutiny. In 2019,we were also rated A- Leadership status in its Supplier Engagement Report, encouraging our suppliers to switch to renewable energy. 

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