11 Sep 18 Communities Chile

Secondary school students visit wind farm in Southern Chile

For the second year running, Mainstream welcomed a group of students from the German Chilean Industrial Secondary School (Lichaf) in Frutillar to the Cuel Wind Farm in the southern region of Biobío. This trip was organised as part of the renewable energy cooperation agreement between Mainstream Renewable Power and this institution. As part of this agreement, which looks to educate the students on renewable energy-related topics, the company has organised a number of different activities such as educational talks on renewable energy and energy efficiency and visits to wind farms. The aim of this trip was to give students who are specialising in the field of electricity the chance to see a real wind farm in operation and to help reinforce the theoretical elements of their studies with this site visit.

Thirty-five students participated in the visit, which began with an introductory presentation of the wind farm in which the students learnt about the different installations that make up the wind farm and how these components work together to produce energy. They also learnt about the various stages that a wind energy project must go through before it is completed (development, preconstruction, construction).  After this talk, the group had a tour of the main installations, including the wind turbines, the electrical station and the community office, among others.

The students also had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their thoughts on what they had seen during the visit. They were particularly interested in whether the wind farm was compatible with other economic activities, such as farming, and were keen to learn more about the construction process. The aim of the visit was to provide the students with a deeper insight into how a wind farm operates and to complement the technical elements of the renewable energy module that the students of Lichaf are studying.

The 33 MW Cuel Wind Farm was developed and built by Mainstream Renewable Power and is owned by Aela Energía.