14 Feb 19

Sarco Wind Farm Completes Transmission Line, Chile

The Sarco Wind Farm, which was developed and built by Mainstream and is owned by Aela Energía has completed the construction of its 71 km transmission line. This line is composed of 198 towers that support the 220-kV line that will carry energy from the wind farm to the Maitencillo substation where it will be later injected into the National Electric System (SEN).

Fabiano Fortes, Construction Manager of Mainstream Chile, highlights the importance of this milestone for the project: “We are delighted to have reached this important milestone, while upholding the highest safety and environmental standards. This was made possible thanks to solid team work and exceptional coordination with the numerous contractors that were involved in this process. The company is very proud of this achievement.”

The Sarco Wind Farm is located in the Commune of Freirina in northern Chile. This commune is around 70 km to the south east of the city of Vallenar in the Atacama region. Construction on the project began in August of 2017 and in December of 2018 the project celebrated the installation of all of its 50 wind turbines. Each turbine has an individual capacity of 3.4 MW, which amounts to a total capacity of 170 MW. The project, which considered an investment of $240 million US dollars and will supply clean and renewable energy to around 260 thousand homes, will enter into operation in the coming months.