07 Jan 19 Projects Chile

Sarco wind farm celebrates all wind turbines in place

Sarco wind farm, located in Freirina in northern Chile has announced that all 50 of its turbines have been successfully installed on site. The project is developed and built by Mainstream Renewable Power and is owned by Aela Energía.

The wind turbines for the Sarco project have an individual capacity of 3.4 MW, which together amounts to a total installed capacity of 170MW. German turbine providers, Senvion, supplied and installed the turbines, whose metal towers are 93 metres in height and reach 149 metres including blade length.

“The delivery and installation process, which began in the Port of Las Losas in Huasco, took a total of 8 months to complete. During the transportation process, 500 components were carried across 160 km of motorways and smaller roads before they arrived at the project site to be assembled. The assembly of these components can only be carried out in favourable weather conditions,” explains Diego Cornejo, Mainstream’s Technical Director.

A 73 km transmission line, with a 220kV circuit, is also being built as part of the project, which will transport the energy produced from the wind farm to the Maitencillo substation, from where the energy will be injected into the National Electrical System (SEN).

A total of US$240 million has been invested in this project, which, when completed, will supply clean and renewable energy to approximately 260 thousand homes.