21 Dec 17 Communities Chile

Mainstream completes renewable energy program in the South of Chile

Around 60 children participated in the 2017 closing ceremonies for the “Ventolera y Ventarrón” environmental education program rolled out across the Los Lagos region in Southern Chile since 2013. During these ceremonies, the children received books on the educational activities that were organised by Mainstream Renewable Power Chile. This educational initiative uses playful material to teach the children about the importance of the environment and taking care of our natural resources. The books, which are the product of these activities, reflect the children’s desire to understand how the wind really works and the teachers’ and community’s willingness to embrace this new knowledge about renewable energy and the environment. These ceremonies took place in four different educational institutions located within the commune. The participants were presented with special books that compiled an account of all the activities and experiences that the students had during the 2017 workshops. As well as being presented with these books, the children also gave a performance where they danced and recited poetry about the wind and caring for our planet. Leticia Peña, a teacher in the Carlos Springer School, commented that “Mainstream’s policy of using education as a starting point is absolutely paramount. The work that they did allowed the children to strengthen their identity, which is an important step in reinforcing their autonomy, personality, creativity and their thinking skills. Identity is part of our essence as human beings and this project plays an important role in helping the children to reinforce this identity.” Over 700 children from the Biobío and Los Lagos regions have participated in this program since its launch. Mainstream Renewable Power is developing the Puelche Sur wind farm project in the Los Lagos region of southern Chile. This project will have an installed capacity of approximately 153MW.