07 Nov 19 News Communities South Africa

Kangnas team puts school pupils in picture about working in wind

Cheryl Persensie, Economic Development Manager at Kangnas Wind Farm, framed renewable energy career opportunities for pupils at KWF Van Wyk High School

A new generation of bright young minds are getting fired up by the huge opportunities being opened up by South Africa’s recent commitment to renewable energy.

High school pupils in the Springbok area of the Northern Cape already stand to benefit from cleanly generated electricity when the local 140 MW Kangnas Wind Farm, currently under construction as part of our Lekela Power joint venture, begins feeding the grid next year.

And now they are being turned on to the possibilities of working in wind, thanks to a new awareness programme run by the Kangnas Economic Development team.

Kangnas Wind Farm is on course to enter operation in early 2020

Hundreds of secondary school students, like those at KWF Van Wyk High School pictured above, have been learning about clean energy, the process of constructing wind farms and how their own communities will benefit from having them on their doorstep.

And the School Road Show programme, which launched in May and will continue to visit high schools in the Springbok area through to March 2020, is also encouraging the youngsters to see renewable energy as a career path.

The government’s new energy roadmap, the Integrated Resource Plan 2019 announced last month, has raised the prospect of a jobs dividend flowing from the enlarged role for renewables in country’s future energy mix.

Cheryl Persensie, Economic Development Manager at Kangnas Wind Farm, said: “Our Economic Development team aims to create an interest in learners to pursue careers within the field of Mathematics and Science with a specific focus on renewable energy and engineering.

“Additionally, our awareness programme links well with the academic curriculum, so it receives positive support from both teachers and learners alike.

“To peak interest, the sessions are informative and interactive, allowing pupils the opportunity to answer questions and to win prizes too.”

  • Kangnas Wind Farm is on course to enter operational service in early 2020, when it is expected to generate up to 563,500 MWh of clean renewable energy per year, enough to power up to 120,000 South African homes.  It will also represent an annual saving of approximately 550,000 tonnes of carbon emissions when compared to traditional fossil fuel power plants.