13 Jun 14 Projects South Africa

Jeffreys Bay wind farm celebrates Global Wind Day, June 15

Mainstream, through the 138MW Jeffreys Bay wind farm in South Africa is proud to commemorate Global Wind Day (GWD) this Sunday, 15 June.  The Jeffreys Bay wind farm has been operational since last month - just in time for global wind day!  Visit the Facebook page here to get involved in GWD and leave your message/comment about wind power. In South Africa and all over the world, wind energy is fast becoming a mainstream form of energy - reducing our dependence on fossil fuels hence increasing energy security and helping avert catastrophic climate change. Importing coal, oil and gas is not only expensive, it also has a number of disadvantages, such as increased CO2 emissions and pollution; vulnerability to price fluctuations on the world market; supply disturbances and becoming exposed to political decisions and pressure. Many energy importing countries are desperately seeking to diversify their energy mix. The good news is that renewable energy can completely or partially replace imported energy, thereby enhancing their energy security. Access to affordable and secure local energy supply can also enable growth in developing countries and creates much needed jobs.

”In Europe, each person is spending over €2 per day to import energy”, commented Thomas Becker, CEO of the European Wind Energy Association.  “Wind energy can help reduce these imports, increasing energy security while bringing jobs and cleaner air,” he added.

To find out about the events taking place near you and for more information and an infographic on energy independence, visit: www.globalwindday.org

Europeans each spend over €2 per day on energy imports. To find out more and support the European campaign for Global Wind Day: www.globalwindday.org/thunderclap .