07 Jul 10 Eddie's Blog Ireland

Climate Deniers

While addressing KPMG in Ireland last week I paid tribute to the climate deniers who did such a magnificent job of telling the big lie before Copenhagen last year.

The deadly deniers took a couple of isolated facts, added them together, as one would add 2+2, and convinced everyone that the answer was 293.

It was an easy sell. India wanted to burn coal, the US wanted to pass a health bill, the third world wanted to follow us polluters in the developed world and get rich. Very few of the leaders there had an appetite for decisive action. The EU did not speak with a united voice. China, the great change agent, pursued its own agenda, even if it is suffering the worst of any country from the effects of human induced global warming.

Vested Interests

There had been some changes in leadership in the big oil companies. Out went the softly softly approach of the previous generation of oil company CEOs. They were not going to allow science to ruin their share options. Big coal, particularly in the US, saw its chance, and won concessions from a President trying to correct the injustice of a lob-sided health system. Billions of $’s were spent on a press campaign, peaking nicely in December, which discredited the science of global warming created by humans.

Human induced global warming is good science

We are burning 85,000,000 barrels of oil per day. We are burning 18,630,000 tonnes of coal per day. We are burning 296,000 million cubic feet of natural gas every day. All of these cause the release of 36,590 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. In pre industrial times none of this happened. It is a fact that carbon dioxide changes the frequency of light and causes heating (the Dutch put carbon dioxide into their glasshouses to increase the temperature). In two independent pieces of research in the UK and California it was postulated that this would cause heating of the atmosphere. The actual results bore “a scary correlation to the postulated calculations” (Financial Times).

There are 400 million individual readings on land stations and 140 million individual sea surface temperatures used to calculate global surface temperature calculations. They have yielded the temperature curves below.

Climate deniers