12 Jun 18 Communities Chile

Celebrating Global Wind Day in Negrete, Chile - the first “Fiesta del Viento”

The first “Fiesta del Viento” (Wind Festival) which is organised by the Municipality of Negrete, will take place on Friday the 15th of June from 3pm onwards in the Municipal Stadium of Negrete. This event provides a platform for the local community to celebrate the value of wind as a natural resource, to learn more about its energy-generating potential and to explore the many benefits and opportunities that it provides to change the world. This festival aims to give the children living in Negrete, along with their families, the opportunity to celebrate the benefits of living in an area that affords such favourable atmospheric and climatic conditions. Thanks to its strategic location, this zone avails of one of the most valuable natural resources available to us: the wind. The event is sponsored by Mainstream Renewable Power and WPD; with support from the University of Concepción’s Interactive Science, Arts and Technology Centre (CICAT). The Ministry of Energy, via the Biobío Regional Energy Authority, is also participating in the event along with the Chilean Association of Renewable Energy (ACERA). The activities that have been organised for this event, which include educational workshops, air shows and a family-friendly kid’s show featuring Gato Juanito and his friends, to name but a few, are open to all members of the Negrete community. Check out Global Wind Energy Council's (GWECs) website for more information on events taking place around the globe in respect of Global Wind Day - 15 June at https://globalwindday.org/about/.