22 Jul 19 News Communities South Africa

Careers day support puts pupils on path to brighter future

Loeriesfontein Grade 9 students find inspiration in wind farms funded Career Development Programme

Young high school pupils have been getting crucial guidance on how to make better career and life choices with the support of two of Mainstream’s South African joint venture projects.

The second year students at Loeriesfontein High School, in the Northern Cape, recently took part in a unique Career Development Programme that has been expertly designed to assess their personalities, ambitions and talents, and highlight the best opportunities for them in the 21st Century economy.

It is hoped that the initiative, funded by Lekela Power’s Loeriesfontein and Khobab wind farm operations, will help the Grade 9 youngsters to get their career aspirations in focus and enable them to make better course decisions next year.

Unsuitable subject choices have been blamed for poor academic performances in South Africa’s schools and an alarming dropout rate of 44.6% between Grade 10 and Grade 12.

Vanessa Fredericks, Economic Development Manager for the Loeriesfontein and Khobab wind farms, explained: “Learners are often frustrated when they discover in Grade 11 or 12 that their career choice is limited by the subjects they chose in Grade 10. Furthermore, Grade 12s are confronted with the daunting choice of what to do after school and how to prepare for the chosen career.

“This programme is aimed at empowering Loeriesfontein High School Grade 9 learners with career development information and knowledge needed to become productive citizens that positively contribute to our country’s economy.

“We are pleased to play a role in supporting these young people to choose possible career paths, as it is one of the most important decisions they will ever make.”

Clearer educational paths should direct more pupils to the school's maths course, which is also supported by the wind farms, and open a way to the tertiary bursary programme that’s now part of the local education landscape.

Welcoming the careers day, Loeriesfontein High School’s Acting Principal, Zelda Vos, said: “Without a doubt this programme has been more valuable to the learners than they would ever imagine, because it paves the way for them to make an informed decision as to which career to choose.”

  • Loeriesfontein 2 and sister project Khobab were both developed and constructed by Mainstream. Since December 2017, the two 140 MW wind farms have been powering 240,000 South African households as part of our Africa joint venture platform, Lekela Power.