23 Jan 18 Projects Chile

Arrival of first wind turbine blades for Aurora wind farm in Puerto Montt, Chile

A shipment containing the first 25 blades for the Aurora wind farm has arrived in Puerto Montt. The blades, which were shipped from Portugal, were manufactured by RIABlades of the Senvion Group and were unloaded in the port during a complex and delicate procedure that took place between the 31st of December 2017 and the 8th of January 2018. The blades will be transported to the construction site in March. “These are the first wind turbine components to arrive in Chile for this project,” says Rodrigo Hernández of the Construction team. “This first delivery represents an important milestone in the construction of the Aurora project, marking the beginning of a series of shipments that will be arriving from China, Portugal and Germany over the coming months,” he adds. The project, which is owned by Aela Energía, was developed by Mainstream, who is now responsible for the construction and commissioning of the wind farm. The Aurora wind farm is located in the commune of Llanquihue, in the Los Lagos region in southern Chile. When completed it will have a total of 43 wind turbines and an installed capacity of 129 MW, which is equivalent to the energy consumption of around 195 thousand homes.