09 Jan 20 News Global

See how we're delivering firm power at scale from renewable energy

Renewable energy's final great hurdle is its ability to supply firm power.

In his second video blog, Mainstream's Group Chief Executive, Andy Kinsella, explains how our massive 1.3 GW Andes Renovables platform, which is now in construction, will be the first in the world to solve the challenge on a national scale.

By 2022, it will be supplying Chile with an annual 3.4 terawatt hours of firm energy – powering the equivalent of one in six of the country’s homes.

Our Andes Renovables platform will power the equivalent of one in six Chilean homes

The secret to delivering to such an exacting demand profile? “Innovation and diversification,” Andy reveals.

And it’s the combination of geographical spread, differing microclimates and our expertise in both wind and solar technologies that gives us the winning formula.

“When you’re trying to fund a $2billion scheme, it takes more than theory to convince a consortium of hard-nosed international banks to part with their money,” Andy adds.

“Our analysis showed that, with a 99% certainty, [Andes’ first phase portfolio] Condor will always be producing the 1.4 terawatt hours per annum that matches the demand profile under the 20-year Power Purchase Agreement.”

To find out why passing this exacting financial P99 test is so vital for the future of renewable energy, watch the full video above.