07 Feb 18 Eddie's Blog Global

An engineering vision for a New Europe

O’Connor calls for single European energy market interconnected by Supergrid Speaking at the Energy Institute at University College, Dublin, Eddie O’Connor, the founder and chairman of Mainstream Renewable Power called on European governments to follow the climate and energy leadership of President Macron of France. “Last year President Macron set out six key actions to change Europe. One was to “ecologically transform” the continent, and to lead international action on combatting climate change.

Underpinning this action is the creation of a European energy market. “At a time when our political focus is distracted by Brexit, I am following President Macron’s lead and setting out, as an engineer, practical and technical steps that will bring all the countries of Europe closer. “Last year, for the first time ever, Europe generated more electricity from wind, solar and biomass than from coal.[1] This is a clear sign that a transformation is underway, but we need to go further, faster. “An interconnected energy market based on renewable energy instead of fossil fuels linked by Supergrid will deliver cheaper power to consumers across Europe and enable us to meet our climate goals. “While good work is underway across the North Seas region to better connect countries, we need a single architect to design a meshed grid based on the SuperNode. This will be the electric super-highway which will link wind generation in Ireland to customers across the continent, and bring Spanish solar power to light homes in Dublin.

“Ultimately, the SuperNode will bring about the type of ‘ecological transformation’ that President Macron called for.  This is a proper European project; a New Digital and Renewable Deal as the 21st century successor to the Coal and Steel Pact which laid the foundations of the European Union.”        

[1] https://www.carbonbrief.org/eu-got-less-electricity-from-coal-than-renewables-2017.