4,770 MW in development
299 MW in construction
33 MW delivered in operation
1,600 MW won in competitive auctions
Industry recognition IJ Global Transaction award
1,300 MW platform Andes Renovables
85 local employees
First energy company in Chile to achieve ISO45001
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Largest independent developer in Chile

Our team has won a total of 1,600 MW in competitive tenders as part of the National Energy Commission 2016 and 2015 Chilean electricity auctions. The contracted projects are being developed through our wholly owned 1,300 MW Andes Renovables platform and the Aela Energía platform, our joint venture with global private equity company, Actis.

Mainsteam Chile became the first energy company in the country to achieve certification to the ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard in March 2019. 

Our team in Chile is led by experienced industry leader, Manuel Tagle and supported by his local management team.  He is Vice President of ACERA, the Chilean renewable energy association.

our 1,300 MW Andes Renovables Platform

Our win in 2016 positioned us as the leading independent developer in Chile.  At 1,300 MW, the Andes Renovables platform, wholly owned by Mainstream will become the fifth largest generator in Chile and represents a total investment of US$1.65 billion. 

The platform consists of 3 portfolios and will be delivered into commercial operation on a phased basis between 2021 and 2022.  

Aela Energía Platform

Aela Energía is our Chilean joint venture with Actis, the global private equity fund.  Aela Energía represents three wind projects totaling 332 MW.  In 2014, Cuel wind farm sold electricity generated to the spot market, a first in the industry.  Sarco and Aurora wind projects, awarded in the 2015 competitive tender process are in construction.  Mainstream secured $50m in mezzanine finance from funds managed by Apollo Global Management to partially fund Mainstream's equity investment in the Sarco and Aurora wind farms.

Tata Inti

Región de Tarapacá, Chile75 MWSolar

Has received environmental approval and is currently in the preconstruction phase.

Cerro Tigre

Región de Antofagasta, Chile185 MWOnshore Wind

Andes Renovables platform - Condor project portfolio.

Pampa Tigre

Región de Antofagasta, Chile142 MWSolar

Environmental Approval obtained.

Llanos del Viento

Región de Antofagasta, Chile223 MWOnshore Wind

The Llanos del Viento project is at the development stage.


Región de Antofagasta, Chile154 MWOnshore Wind

Andes Renovables platform - Condor project portfolio.


Región de Antofagasta, Chile109 MWOnshore Wind

Ckani is currently in the preconstruction phase.

Rio Escondido

Región de Atacama, Chile145 MWSolar

Located around 58 km to the southeast of the city of Copiapó.


Región de Atacama, Chile170 MWOnshore Wind

Developed by Mainstream. Currently in construction.

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Valle Escondido

Región de Atacama, Chile105 MWSolar

Located around 49 km to the southeast of the city of Copiapó.


Regíon del Biobío, Chile33 MWOnshore Wind

Developed and constructed by Mainstream and entered into operation in 2014.

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Región del Biobío, Chile84 MWOnshore Wind

Andes Renovables platform - Condor project portfolio.

Entre Ríos

Regíon del Biobío, Chile311 MWOnshore Wind

When built, this 310.5 MW project will host up to 69 turbines.


Región de Los Ríos, Chile307 MWOnshore Wind

Caman will host up to 73 wind turbines.

Puelche Sur

Región de los Lagos, Chile153 MWOnshore Wind

Environmental Approval obtained.


Región de Los Lagos, Chile129 MWOnshore Wind

Developed by Mainstream. Currently in construction.

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Early Stage Project Chile

Chile1820 MWOnshore Wind

Total early stage projects.

Early Stage Project Chile

Chile960 MWSolar

Total early stage projects.

Onshore Wind

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