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Situated in the Hantam Municipal Area, 60km north of Loeriesfontein in the Northern Cape, Khobab Wind Farm spans 3,453 hectares of agricultural land and comprises sixty-one 99m-high wind turbines.

When operating at full capacity, the 140MW Khobab Wind Farm generates around 563,500 MWh/year of clean renewable energy per year and is expected to supply electricity to power up to 120 000 South African homes.

The core responsibility of this role is to ensure the availability of the electrical network by executing the planning, operating, maintenance, repairs and building work in accordance with policies, directives, standards, regulations, procedures, work practice, guidelines and agreements up to and including 132 kV.

Report to the Plant Manager by taking on the role as supervisor to Plant Operators and Senior Plant Operators and other junior staff and provide mentorship.

Key deliverables:

  • Maintain:
    • Inspecting, evaluating and executing non-intrusive maintenance on apparatus in the substation, control room, switch gear room, overhead & underground lines, including transformers, junction and combiner boxes and back-up generator equipment
      • Ensuring low impedance earth paths and earth resistivity by electrical testing, observations and applying remedial actions.
      • Inspecting, replenishing and replacing the following on/in transformers, NECs, breakers, isolators: Silica gel, Insulating, cooling and arc control medium, lubrication and electrolytes.
      • Analysing and capturing current operating values on transformers, lines, AC/DC systems and feeders. (e.g. Current, voltage, loading, charging rates and temperatures)
      • Ensuring conformance to plant and equipment component alignment, contact pressure, insulation levels, anti-decay/oxidation and electrical clearance requirements.
      • Planning and executing operating and barricading on HV/MV/LV networks to ensure safe working sites (Switching, linking, safety testing and earthing)
  • Repair:
    • Responds to call outs from the Plant Manager or designated person and/or automated calls and sms notifications during abnormal conditions and power supply interruptions on a 24-hour basis to minimise network downtime on a standby basis
      • Analyses network fault indicators by:
        • Interpreting, logging, resetting and reporting relay flags and indicators, breaker and fuse status and counter movements.
        • Providing feedback to the Plant Manager or designated person via agreed means of communication.
    • Liaise with the local Eskom control centre regarding switching or trips causing 10% or more loss of electrical network capacity.
    • Executing operating under permission of control.
    • Rapidly restores the electrical network by:
      • Planning, negotiating and executing system reconfiguration to restore supply.
      • Executing restoration within competency and resource constraints to only a
      • minimum (safe) specification to restore supply.
      • Activating additional resource requirements to execute immediate restoration
      • the plant manager or support staff
      • Being on standby


  • Build:
    • Creates assets on networks up to and including 132 kV in accordance with policies, directives, standards, regulations, procedures, work practice, guidelines and agreements
    • Commissions new plant by
      • Evaluating plant for conformance to installation and design specification (phasing, phase rotation, settings, voltage and loading).
      • Planning and negotiating system commissioning procedure.
      • Executing plant hand over procedure.
    • Updates information systems by:
      • Completing plant, commercial operation sheets and asset register.
      • Updating data files and revising diagrams.
  • Health and Safety:
    • Ensures a safe working environment and eliminate unsafe acts complying with statutory, including OHRVS and the wind farms requirements.
      • Executing safety inspections
      • Complying to wind farm and statutory requirements
      • Review of contractor’s risk assessments and method statements, and ensure compliance thereto
  • Training:
    • Provides on the job training to Plant Operators, Senior Plant Operators and other junior staff in training
      • Demonstrating safe work practices, use and care of tools and equipment.
      • Informing staff of changes on requirements, policies, directives, standards, regulations, procedures, work practice, guidelines and agreements
  • Other:
    • Perform and support activities on wind farm other than electrical network as required
    • Management of contractor other than electrical network as required
    • Support the Plant Manager on wind turbine related activities
    • Ensuring that all appropriate records of operations and maintenance activities on site are complete and easily accessible as required.
    • Liaison with & reporting to Plant Manager, as needed
    • Support the Plant Manager to ensure overall site Health and Safety
    • Manage the processes by which site data is handled and analysed and ensuring that all proactive monitoring is carried out effectively with appropriate alarms and failures being directed via the appropriate channels
    • Daily Reporting & Monitoring
    • Assist with Performance, Downtime and Availability Analysis
    • Preparing monthly reports and submit for review by required deadlines
    • Following up significant performance issues either internally or with appropriate 3rd parties
    • Review all service/maintenance records and any issues identified.
    • Procurement functions for the site.
    • Managing the responses of the Operations Engineers to local concerns/PR/site visits
    • Ongoing development of systems and procedures to improve efficiency

Key requirements:

The Senior Plant Supervisor will have appropriate technical skills, knowledge and experience. An excellent working knowledge of MS Office Suite is required. The position requires an organised approach. The Senior Plant Supervisor may have to liaise with other engineering disciplines as and when required.

  • Experience & Qualifications
    • Minimum 10 years relevant applicable work experience, switching and operating up to 132kV in similar environment will be advantages
    • Have supervision experience
    • Competency certificate in OHRVS
    • Relevant electrical trade test with N6 Certificate or equivalent technical qualification
    • Valid Driver’s licence
    • Willingness to further develop skills and experience, by further education and training

The position will be based in Loeriesfontein in the Northern Cape and may include some travel to other operational sites from time to time.

The company operates in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act), Act 3 of 2013, and by submitting their personal information to us (through the application form, CV and other documentation as required during the recruitment process), candidates agree that the company may utilise their personal information as directed by POPIA.

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