• Reporting to      Comunications Manager
  • Department       Corporate Affairs
  • Job Location       Santiago, Chile
  • Travel Required   Intermittent travel to sites in Chile

Company Overview:

Mainstream Renewable Power is the leading independent developer of utility-scale wind and solar power plants. The company is focused on delivering a high-quality portfolio of more than seven gigawatts of wind and solar assets across high-growth markets in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

In Chile, Mainstream owns 1.3GW of fully contracted wind and solar projects in operation, in construction or at late stage development, due to its unprecedented success in government auctions. 

Summary of Role:

The Senior Communications Executive is a Communications professional (Journalist, degree in communication sciences or related career). She or he must have at least 8 years of work experience. Ideally, they must have worked in a mass communication medium, have experience in government, relations with authorities and crisis management at the communicational level.

The candidate will work in Santiago, however, must have availability to travel to projects when necessary. Reporting directly to the Communications Manager and must work in an aligned manner and as a team with the person in charge of Internal Communications, facilitating the synergy between both lines of communication.

He will also work directly with the community relations team, being a contribution to the empowerment of projects at the socio-political level.

  • Social Risk and Impact: Identify risks and social impacts, define and implement management measures.
  • Community Relations: Develop relationships of trust with social organizations, indigenous communities, local authority and stakeholders relevant to the project, ensuring the adequacy of participation methodologies to each socio-economic and political context.
  • Communications Investment: Identify and implement communications initiatives that can contribute to the reputation of the company in the territory.

What you will do? Key Responsibilities:


  • Identify key stakeholders and keep the stakeholder map updated for any stage of projects.
  • Identify actors and socio-political scene of the territory.
  • Identify and manage socio-political and reputational risks of the territory.
  • Identify and generate local support networks (local institutional relationship).
  • Advise the communications and projects team on socio-political issues to consider in each phase of the projects.
  • Define methodologies according to the local context that allow the incorporation of the vulnerable population and encourage the consultation and participation of all key stakeholders.
  • Define annually a Community Engagement Plan of the projects.
  • Oversee compliance with social commitments.
  • Prepare annually budget associated with the projects and manage payments associated with community investment funds and local initiatives.
  • Prepare reports on time and keep monthly updated records associated with the relationship and activities developed with all stakeholders key (traceability).


  • Maintain permanent relationship with key stakeholders in the territory of the projects (more than 3 days per week).
  • Implement Community Engagement Plan of the projects.
  • Implement work groups with the community to keep them informed and involved in the projects.
  • Generate and implement collaboration agreements with the community.
  • Execute initiatives and community investment funds that contribute to the local development of the area of influence of the projects.
  • Fulfil social commitments on time.
  • Implement a Complaint’s Procedure in territory of the projects.
  • Collaborate with communications, environmental and projects team in the preparation of communications, human environment baselines for processes of environmental evaluation, citizen participation and indigenous consultation.
  • Collaborate with the projects team in their socio-political empowerment in the territory (definition of negotiation strategies with owners and obtaining permits).
  • Represent the company in instances of local institutional relations.
  • Put on value the company's contribution to local development with the key stakeholders in the territory.

What we require?

The candidate should be equipped with the following key skills:

Educational, Knowledge and Experience Background:

  • English Proficiency
  • Journalist (graduate in social communication), with 8 years of labor experience, with experience in the media, ideal in government and communication agencies
  • Experience in relationship with authorities.
  • Experience in crisis management.

Soft skills and Organisational Fit:

  • High team work capacity.Ability to engage with individuals of different cultures and socioeconomic background.
  • Ability to maintain good relationships with people inside and outside the company.
  • Ability to solve problems, prioritize tasks and work autonomously.
  • Capacity to engage in dialogue with individuals and group leaders of a diversity of backgrounds.
  • Have good organizational skills. Tidy person.

Cognitive Skills:

  • Able to think strategically and prioritize tasks.
  • Able to plan activities keeping a long-term vision and considering corporative policy´s.
  • Able to achievement orientation effective manner.
  • Able to analyse problems and propose a viable solution.
  • Able to anticipate social risks that may affect a project.
  • Count with initiative to propose work methodologies.

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Have a courteous and helpful manner.
  • Able to maintain respect and confidence with others.
  • Be a good team worker and work well with others.
  • Able to communicate clearly to varied groups of people.

Travel Availability:

Based in Santiago with availability to travel to projects.

What we offer?

We offer you the opportunity to work in a dynamic and entrepreneurial organisation, in a growing market, in a fast paced industry.  You will receive a very competitive total benefits package including an excellent base salary and bonus scheme.


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