APAC Korea

Summary of Role:

 This role is primarily focused on identifying new business opportunities for Mainstream in South Korea and evaluating projects and investment proposals (i.e. partnerships, joint ventures, purchase of groups of assets) which have been presented to Mainstream and securing such opportunities.

What you will do?

  • Lead the identification of Wind and Solar opportunities in South Korea.
  • Evaluate Renewable Energy projects and investments in order to determine whether it is appropriate for Mainstream to invest:
    • Risk Assessment of Projects and Investments
    • Confirmation of status of land (main site; grid line; access; mining rights)
    • Assess wind and solar resource with support of Energy Analysis team
    • Community and Stakeholder Relations
    • Ability to Finance
    • Assess Grid Availability and Grid Connection Agreement terms and conditions with support of Engineering team
    • Regulatory Support
    • Planning, Permitting and Environmental Policy
    • Assess Constructability of assets with support of Engineering team
    • Costs of entry/development
  • Use business acumen and critical thinking to recommend action to management on whether to pursue, and how to pursue, these opportunities.
  • Coordinate the due diligence process to evaluate project and investment viability.
  • Coordinate with relevant managers to organise all aspects of development for example:
    • Community Relations
    • Land
    • Environmental
    • Energy Analysis
    • Grid
    • Engineering
    • Construction
    • Commercial
  • Work closely with the Head of Capital Markets, APAC Commercial Manager, centres of excellence and others in support of the investment process.
  • Negotiate contracts and manage third parties for delivery of projects up to acquisition of the project.
  • Close transactions
  • Manage handover of acquired projects to the Development Team.
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