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Summary of Role:

 To oversee the management of all insurance matters for the group, with a view to appropriate risk mitigation / insurance placement and promoting a value-add approach to insurance.


Key Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Develop the Mainstream group insurance strategy
  • Develop the Mainstream insurance organisational structure in Dublin and across its regional platforms
  • Engage functional and regional teams to develop technical and commercial initiatives to reduce exposure and insurance costs; build best practices and capacity globally, working with management across relevant functions.
  • Establish formal interactions between the insurance function and other relevant teams to ensure appropriate placing of cover across all risks, with review and ongoing management. Key interactions with engineering, development, procurement, project finance and commercial, construction management, operations planning, and build local capacity.
  • Understand movements and trends in the insurance market which will impact value of Mainstream assets globally. Work cross-functionally to develop effective processes, reviews and mitigation measures.
  • Develop and manage corporate guidelines for project lifecycle insurance cover, to appropriately set Mainstream’s equity requirements, assist regions to analyse & apply requirements and obtain at value.  Support regions in establishing the insurance cover & risk management in the marketing process for strategic assets.
  • Manage selection processes, and relationship with corporate broker to secure value and service level. Support regions in broker selection, defining broker SLAs and develop regional capacity. Development of template contracts, commercial structures, service schedules, KPIs.
  • Work with regional management to specify regional insurance-related role components, cross-functional teams responsible throughout project lifecycle, build capacity.
  • Support for improving minimum insurance requirements with lenders for project financing process. Build capacity regionally in lenders insurance process.
  • Develop global insurance audit & review program
  • Build relationships with key suppliers (TSA, EPC and BOP) to ensure insurance / lender & equity requirements are covered as products / services are developed
  • Construction stage insurance administration - set best practice and build capacity regionally to maintain MRP reputation as a prudent insured to safeguard premium value for the global pipeline.
  • Centrally managed feedback loop for claims management (managed locally with centralised support for large/complex claims) and known issues - updating corporate guidelines and requirements for cover; capacity building in regions.
  • Responsibility for leading & managing the annual group renewal processes
  • Gain understanding of other insurance-based products which could add value to Mainstream´s business.
  • Evaluation of potential external advisory services to support and supplement value-driving activities above
  • Responsibility for Mainstream´s reputation as a knowledgeable and prudent insured among the global reinsurance industry. Central corporate relationship owner with global insurers and reinsurers.

Key Skills, Knowledge and Experience Requirements:

  • An acknowledged and internationally recognised qualification in the insurance field.
  • Relevant experience working in an insurance risk management role, including essential industry experience in the energy sector to include projects in development, in construction and operations.
  • Experience in identifying areas of risk across multiple contractual arrangements and identifying areas of potential exposure.
  • Experience in project finance requirements including managing lenders insurance advisors
  • Experience in arrange corporate policies, eg, D&O, travel, public liability and understanding interface with relevant local policies.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • The ability to work on your own initiative, to think creatively, a self-starter but keeping all matters and issues well communicated internally
  • Ability to work effectively with senior leaders, global and regional staff, brokers and other stakeholders

A willingness to travel as required for the role, including long-haul international travel

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